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The Crystal Princess By Kimberly Norton

Reading Hammock’s Rating:
5 out of 5
Fiction Genre:
The Crystal Princess
Kimberly Norton (@witchofcrystal)
Author Website:
Publication Date:
February 2011
Tate Publishing (@TatePublishing)
Paperback | Digital


Kelly lives the life of a typical teen in the suburbs of Southern California with her football star boyfriend and loyal best friend. It's her senior year, and she's looking forward to her eighteenth birthday. But her life totally changes when she's abducted by her birth family, a family she didn't even know existed. Meeting her mother and two sisters for the first time is almost too much for her to handle. Kelly learns she is a witch born from a coven of witches with special powers. She's called back to help her family fight the evil, power-hungry witch, Victoria, and the Wizard Council, who want to destroy all that Kelly's family holds dear before the Immortality Ceremony, a ceremony that will seal the girls' fate and powers for all eternity. To make things even more complicated, Kelly falls in love with an Indian named Max White Bear. But because of a longstanding tradition, their relationship is a hard sell to the chief of the Indian tribe. With the war between good and evil looming, Kelly must find the strength to harness her magical powers and summon The Crystal Princess inside her. Kimberly Norton lives in the foothills of California, with her husband and two young children. She volunteers at her children's school, and her spare time is devoted to her passion for writing.

My review:

I was very pleased to review a copy of “The Crystal Princess” by Kimberly Norton.  This story is about a typical teenage girl, Kelly, who has just started her senior year.  The day before her eighteenth birthday, Kelly’s birth family kidnap her, turning her life upside down.  It is soon revealed to Kelly that she is a witch and must learn to use her powers to fight against the evil witch, Victoria, who yearns to destroy Kelly’s entire family.

Since this is a short book, only 121 pages, Norton carefully crafted each page.  She quickly dives into the story and starts the action within the first twenty pages.  This face-paced quality is maintained throughout the story with Norton’s frequent use of dialogue.  The main character, Kelly, is a very three dimensional person, as Norton’s casual writing style brings the reader into Kelly’s thoughts.  I also loved the cover of this book, as it not only appeals to Norton’s audience of Young Adult readers but also incorporates important figures from the story, in an interesting way. 

I am looking forward to reading more great books by up-and-coming author Kimberly Norton.  I would recommend this book to everyone, especially to the readers that like fantasy and discovery novels.

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