Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coffeehouse Angel By Suzanne Selfors

Reading Hammock’s Rating:
3 ½ out of 5
Fiction Genre:
Coffeehouse Angel
Suzanne Selfors
Author Website:
Publication Date:
July, 2009
Walker & Company
Hardcover | Paperback | Digital

Author’s Synopsis:

            The first time Katrina saw Malcolm, he was lying in the alley behind her grandmother’s coffeehouse.  She didn’t think that giving him a cup of coffee and yesterday’s pastries was such a big deal.  But now he’s following her everywhere, claiming to be an angel who must repay her kindness by granting her deepest wish. 
            Although Malcolm happens to be pretty adorable, Katrina is also convinced he’s a little bit crazy.  Whether she believes in him or not, Malcolm is determined to fulfill her wish for true happiness.  So what happens when you lie to an angel about what you most desire?

My review:

            I did not enjoy the beginning of this novel because it was too slow and Selfors spent too much time explaining the life of the main character, Katrina.  Therefore, the major conflict was only introduced during the middle of the story.  After the major conflict was introduced, the events thereafter did not significantly affect the conflict.  I also felt that the ending of the story was abrupt and predictable.  It lacked a sense of reality that is necessary in this type of novel, that combines fantasy and reality.  I think that Selfors should have created a twisted ending so that people, like me, who enjoy thrillers, could find a greater appreciation for her story.  Although my review sounds negative, there is one aspect of the story that made me read on.  Selfors’ had a great overall idea of adding fantasy into a realistic novel.  I wouldn’t say that one has to run to the bookstore to get this book but if you like realistic fiction I suggest that you try this one out.  

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